This is a list of harsh truths or myths I’ve come across during training or silly things I see in everyday life. There is no magic to weight loss or getting fit, its bloody hard work! No magic pills or potions It makes me laugh when I see the latest… View Post

Exercise can be one of the hardest things to stay motivated with, the results are often very slow to show and you end up frustrated and wanting to give up… but stick in there, its worth it in the end! Getting motivated to go to the gym can be an… View Post

Joining a gym for the first time can be a little nerve wrecking… your intentions are in the right place, you want to go to the gym, work out and get fit but there are is a lot of equipment you’ve never seen before and a lot of people (that… View Post

Week 5 and 6 was basically Christmas and New Years and come one! Im only human, people! Therefore I did what most people did and I stuffed my face with a significant amount of the most delicious Christmas foods such as Ham, Pavlova and yummy cheeses. During New Years we… View Post

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