Sam’s New Training and Meal Plan week 5 & 6 & 7

Week 5 and 6 was basically Christmas and New Years and come one! Im only human, people! Therefore I did what most people did and I stuffed my face with a significant amount of the most delicious Christmas foods such as Ham, Pavlova and yummy cheeses. During New Years we spent a “night in Paris” at the Stamford Grand in Adelaide, where we got a front row seat to the midnight fireworks which to be honest are no where near as cool as the Sydney Harbour fireworks but it was a nice night out.

Anyway to put it simply, these 2 weeks have been a bit of a write off in the “fit and healthy” department. Honestly, I’m a little embarrassed and disappointed in myself as I can tell I’ve put on a few Christmas Kilos but what the heck is life worth living if you can’t stuff your face at Christmas.

The key now is to get my ass in gear and start focusing on my goals again and no this is not a “new years resolution.” This is a conscious decision to start focusing on my health and fitness, not just because it’s the New Year.

SO, Time for some honesty…. (I promise to always be upfront and honest with you guys).

I love my wine and when I’ve had a hard day at work, wine is a bloody God sent!  But the “empty calories” are not really worth it at the end of the day and the crappy feeling the next day (the dreaded hangover is one of the worst feelings! – you’re essentially making yourself sick! )


I also smoke, yes I know it’s a disgusting habit and my (at times) hypocrite of a husband calls me a filthy smoker (ouch!)… I know it’s not good for my health and certainly doesn’t help with my fitness or my asthma (yes I’m stupid).  For the last year I’ve been through the most stressful time of my life and started smoking (again) and drinking more because this has been a good “instant” stress relief. And really what can you really do when you are stuck at work all day and you come out of a bad meeting or get a call from your lawyer with some bad news… its something difficult to manage in a sane way. For me smoking was a great way to get out of the office for 5 mins and take a breather and a nicotine hit seemed to help me calm down.

I have quit and started back up so often over the past year, I’ve lost count and each time I start up again, Ben ends up disappointed in me and I end up angry with myself for disappointing and upsetting him, the look of disappointment from him is like a stab to the heart, so its been a rollercoaster of emotions because for me its been a good way to release some stress and because I have had no idea how to deal with certain situations or emotions caused by situations that I’m basically too young to have to deal with.

Sooooooo….whats the point of all these confessions (other than it being good for the soul…) My next 3 month goal will start today, it will include no/very limited drinking (unless it’s a special occasion such as Australia day … because not drinking on Australia Day is just un-Australian!) and minimal smoking (social situations only – on the way to quitting for good!).

I know it will be a bit of an up hill battle but hopefully by adding in regular exercise and maybe some yoga and/or meditation, I will be able to reduce some of the everyday stress that smoking and drinking helped to release. I’m not going to turn into a hippy and talk about the healing powers of yoga (no offence) or magical powers of mother earth but over the next few months im going to dedicate a section of this blog/website to ways to reduce everyday stress. Ill review in each article what I tried that fortnight-month and how well it worked, I’ll be brutally honest!

I hope that at least 1 person is able to relate to me from this post and I can help someone kick a bad habit and make a positive plan or a short term goal to get them kick started and don’t worry everyone has a few bumps and hiccups along the way. Feel free to email me or get in touch on Facebook and let me know what your goals are.

Week 7 update….  

This week started off chipper and sadly has ended on a Tuesday…. While doing deadlifts and a few squats the other night at the gym, i seem to have re-injured my back. I was devastated!!!!! I was starting to get back into the swing of things, started feeling strong again and now i’ve come to the realisation that it will be a very long time (if ever) that ill be able to do deadlift, weighted squats or leg press again. This may not seem like a big deal but for me… someone who is absolutely loves training legs. My proudest moments were when i could squat 85kg, deadlift 80kg and leg press over 150kg!

There was a lot of tears and pain, the tears are gone now but the pain is still there, a dull ache to remind me of how much i suck! Sadly i cant get back into see the physio for a few weeks as they are still on Christmas leave. So for now, it will be lots of cardio (boo!), body weight exercises for my lower body and some weighted exercise for my upper body.

I cannot tell you how gutted i am!


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