Sam’s New Training and Meal Plan week 1 & 2

I want to invite you along on my journey so i can show you it is possible to lose weight and get some muscle definition. That not everyone who enjoys the gym are body builders as we all have bits and pieces we want to change. For me, i want to lose some weight that i have put on over the most part of this year due to hurting my back about 8-9 months ago at the gym, or at least thats what i thought had happened.

I went through months and months of physiotherapy, I had an x-ray and an MRI, however no doctor or physio could tell me exactly what was wrong with my back. I was being treated for random afflictions from a bulge disk to soft tissue damage to a mis-aligned rib cage! I have seen 3 phyios in the last 8 months and it wasn’t until i saw my last physio, that i got an answer. It has been a long, painful, frustrating and emotional journey for me because i loved going to the gym (which is something i never though i would love!). Turns out it’s not my back thats the problem, my right hip doesn’t move how it should and has caused all sorts of havoc to my body (its worth being persistent and getting a 2nd or 3rd or 4th opinion). Anyway…. Its now finally time for me to get back into the gym (thank you Mr Physio!) and start feeling health, happy and fit!

I thought the best course of action would be to get in touch with someone to design a program and diet plan so i can start off properly! Paul from Paul Davis Personal Development has kindly provided me with a training session plan and diet plan to review and trial out. Im putting it on trial for a 2 month period to see how i improve over the months (i will likely change it up a bit and continue with the programs as they are really good!).

I went through Paul as he is a good friend of Ben’s however he does provide great results, which is evident through his own body and his clients – trust a trainer who looks the part!

Paul offers strength/muscle growth packages, weight loss packages, tailored packages, diet plans and supplement guides. There is no goal that he cant help you achieve.

You can check out Paul and his services via his website or his Facebook page.

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Paul sent through my training program which included 6 days of strength/weight training and 3 of those days must include cardio. Paul also sent through my meal plan which essentially has 6 meals throughout the day, he also suggested a few alternates which i thought was great as he understands you can’t always sit down and to prepare a meal or heat it up, depending on your job or what you have on that day.  (during week 2 Paul sent me an updated program which was reduced down to 5 days and some changes around leg press and hack squats as my Physio preferred i stay away from this.

I was really excited to get started on the program, I’m not new to the gym or to weight training but I was keen to try a new program. Chest day which was a challenge for me, i have a fairly weak upper body which is the case for most women but the “burn” was good and i certainly felt it a few days later!

Day 2 (and day 7) was leg day – whooooot! I love training my legs as they are pretty strong already so i enjoy the challenge of making them burn which Paul did a great job of with this program! He had suggested Hack squats due to my back injury however after failing and being really disappointed in myself during normal squats (1 of the exercises in this program) I chose to go with the leg press over hack squat however ill “man up” and try them out next week.

I think that sometimes i’m a little hard on myself, i was almost in tears after doing barbell squats, not from pain but from embarrassment and disappointment in myself. I used to be able to squat 80+kg and due to my back injury i had to take a break from the gym and for about 6-8 months! Now I’m only able to squat with one of the bars + 5kg, I was devastated but as Ben reminds me, i haven’t trained for a long time and i have to try to be cautious with my back, take is slow and ill get back to 80kg eventually! Its still difficult to be chipper about it as is so frustrating!

When i got around to training shoulders, i wasn’t able to complete all 6 exercises. I struggled a little with my left shoulder as it also seems to be buggered (my physio thinks this is due to my hips not being aligned, the muscles in my left shoulder have stretched over a long period of time)… once again, i just have to take this slow and be patient and not over over do it or go too heavy. I have emailed Paul to see if he can suggest any alternatives for that rear delt fly’s as they seemed to be almost impossible for me to do.

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Meal Plan:

I didn’t actually start my meal plan until day 4 due to a bit of laziness and not being able to settle down enough to cook all of my meals. Meal prep and training days are heavily dependant on Ben at the moment as i don’t drive (never bothered to get my license, lazy i know!) so we train (and shop) together before he goes to work (as he works night shift now and then) or on his days off. Luckily he starts normal shifts soon!

One of the suggestions for breakfast was oats and protein powder, i thought i would be clever and mix my protein powder in with my oats and milk to make it a yummy chocolatey breakfast however that idea crashed and burned as soon as i tasted it! Firstly I’m very fussy when it comes to protein (I sound like a bloody princess!), i have had a few bad experiences with cheap yucky proteins in the past so when i find one that actually tastes nice ill stick to it! Anyway.. i think it might have been due to the oats… ill have to experiment.

(my protein favourites: I love MTS chocolate and Biox Xtreme Chocolate – they both actually taste decent, you don’t get the yucky overly proteiny taste).

Keep an eye out for the coming weeks updates 🙂 xox



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