High-Protein Snacks: 12 Healthy Snack Ideas

Protein helps you feel full for a long time and therefore is the best option when it comes to snacking. Satiety is of the essence, especially when you lead a busy life. At the same time, protein allows you to build muscles, promotes weight loss and your overall well-being. Whether you are about to go to the gym, or you are on the go, looking for something delicious and nutritious to eat, below you will find a list with 12 healthy snack ideas. Get inspired and enjoy!

Hardboiled Eggs

Of course, an egg is one of the most popular snacks for getting enough protein for your body. You can eat them with some vegetables, such as cucumber or celery.

High-Protein Snacks: 12 Healthy Snack Ideas

Apple and Peanut Butter

If you want something filling that satisfies your sweet tooth, you can try out apple slices with peanut butter. Alternatively, use any other nut butter of your choosing and add raisins or extra nuts on top.

Whey Protein Smoothie

A smoothie is a great way to get all the nutrition on the go, without even making you feel stuffed. Experiment with different protein powders and combine fruit, vegetables, and nuts for a tasteful smoothie.

High-Protein Snacks: 12 Healthy Snack Ideas

Protein Bars

Fans of body building definitely love protein bars! There are plenty of flavours for you to choose from, and all are equally amazing.


Have you ever tried this marvellous dip? If not, check it out and use vegetables to dip in. You are going to love it!

Greek Yoghurt and Nuts

If you want something refreshing, Greek yoghurt is an excellent choice. You can have it in various ways, adding cinnamon or nutmeg, crumbled nuts or oats, raisins, etc. Its creaminess makes it a wonderful snack!

High-Protein Snacks: 12 Healthy Snack Ideas

Tuna Salad

For a complete snack, you can try out tuna salad and perhaps a couple of crackers. Tuna offers you enough protein to last for hours and the crackers help you with their crunchiness.


You can roast chickpeas and get the extra flavour you need for a hearty snack. Make sure you eat them in moderation, though.

Trail Mix

Mix nuts together and you will have an energy-boosting, protein packed snack that keeps you going a long way.

High-Protein Snacks: 12 Healthy Snack Ideas

Turkey Rollups

Use non-fat turkey slices and add cream cheese. Ready to enjoy! These snacks help you with your cravings and taste heavenly.

Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese boasts a great protein percentage and can be added on top of salads or eaten on its own with a spoon.

Beans and Cheese

Are you searching for the ultimate fitness secret? Incorporate beans in your diet and you will see amazing results. Try them with cheese for a lovely snack!

High-Protein Snacks: 12 Healthy Snack Ideas


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