Harsh truths and myths exposed on fitness

This is a list of harsh truths or myths I’ve come across during training or silly things I see in everyday life. There is no magic to weight loss or getting fit, its bloody hard work!

No magic pills or potions

It makes me laugh when I see the latest fads come through :take his magical fat blaster pill” and loose 5 pounds in 5 days – hello this is called water weight! There is no magic pills or potion to loosing weight, don’t kid yourself! Weight loss is hard work, you need to be able to motivate yourself and encourage yourself to do the right thing, exercise and eat properly.

You can’t target certain area for fat loss

You can’t just train your arms and expect to loose weight from that one area, there is no much thing as spot training or target training (in the sense of loosing weight from that one area). If you want washboard abs you need to train your whole body, with a focus on your abs, you can’t just abs your abs and expect the rest of your body to follow suit.

Don’t follow fad diets

Do yourself a favour; don’t follow every fad diet that comes on the market. Focus on eating clean health foods, see a nutritionist if you aren’t; too sure, they will put you on the right path otherwise Google clean eating – the interest is filled with free resources, don’t get caught up in the fads. But why you ask? Fad diets are fads for a reason, they might work to start with but they aren’t going to maintain long term results which will put a massive downer on your motivation and more than likely make you put on more weight.

Lifting weights will NOT make you bulky (ladies!)

I lift weight and I have had girlfriends ask me if I was worried that I was going to get “too bulk” or look like a man… surely people aren’t this uneducated anymore.. it takes a a lot of time and commitment to exercise and eating to get to the body building stage. Lifting weight here and there isn’t going to make you bulk up. Weights will help with weight loss over doing hours of cardio – muscle burns fat, the more muscle you have/the strong you are the more fat you will burn! Cardio is no longer the best option for weight loss!

Detox doesn’t help with weight loss

It makes me giggle to see the “lemon detox diet” or various forms of “detox diets”…. Most people seem to think that all the toxins in their body are making them fat and unhealthy… I hate to burst your detox bubble… but your liver and kidney’s do the same job, they don’t need further assistance. If you want to “clean out your system” get into more fruits, veggies and plenty of water.

You need to do more than exercise to loose weight

Exercising isn’t the only thing that make you loose weight… imagine this… a girl works out an hour every day but eats McDonalds twice a day… do you think she will loose any weight? Weight loss is about exercise AND clean/healthy eating.

Change your program/routine

If you find that you have been doing the same routine for months on end and you haven’t lost weight or seen any improvement, this is because you need to change your program every few weeks, your body will get used to your program and it will plateu. Challenge yourself constantly!

Don’t forget to recover!

Yes exercising everyday will provide results quicker however, it can also be bad for you, you need to take a day or two weekly to rest and recover.
Without proper rest, it can lead to “overtraining syndrome” which completely drains you and takes some time to recover from.

What silly fitness myths have you heard?


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