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“Don’t settle for average, we’re all born to be extraordinary”

About Ben:


Growing up I loved my sports, especially Cricket and AFL (Australian Footy). I found that no matter which sport I played I was naturally talented and had the ability to pick the skills of the game up quite quickly however my only downside was my fitness. I didn’t have a growth spurt until midway through my high school days ,so all throughout primary school I had a fair amount of “pudge”.

Once my growth spurt finally happened I went to the complete opposite of pudgy to tall and lanky. So for me, being able to personally experience two different body types, I knew that I had to find a happy medium to, not only make myself feel good within but to be able to enjoy the sports and activities that I loved without feeling fatigued and exhausted.

It wasn’t until I joined the army when I was 18 that I completely understood that being fit and healthy is one of the top priorities we all should have in our lives. The army’s fitness regime definitely took me to the next step and made me not only fall in love with my own personal training but later on in life was a stepping stone to me wanting to help others reach their health and fitness goals as well.

Being surrounded by so many like minded men and women I learnt that there were numerous types of training methods out there which started my journey into trying different programs designed for different goals.

I’ve gone from dropping 10kgs, weighing 75kgs and looking lean (mind you this was whilst I was deployed to Afghanistan). To gaining 25kgs (of muscle) and now sitting between a weight of 95-100kgs. During both these times in my life, I had to adapt to different training programs to suit my situation and goals in order to still maintain a high level of health and fitness.

My wife Samantha is passionate about helping people achieve their goals in all aspects of life. With her passion along with my experience and knowledge we aim to help everyone from all walks of life become fit and healthy for what ever reason they desire.

About Sam


When i was younger (up until about 18), i was a small skinny size 10 (AUS), i could eat what i want when i wanted without fear of putting an ounce of weight on. However i started noticing that after 18 the more junk food i ate (and general food – large meals) i started putting on weight. And i didn’t really notice until my size 10 pants didn’t fit and  had suddenly jumped to size 16 within a year, i guess i never noticed as i wore track pants a lot . I’m sure a lot of women out there can relate to this.

Again like a lot of women, my weight yo-yo up and down for years and year, I tried heaps of diets such a calorie counting, cutting our carbs and sugar etc and tried different exercises – mainly home based things like walking to running outside or on the treadmill, working out on my home weight machine and did basic bodyweight exercises. At one stage when i wasn’t working, i would exercise for 2-3 hours a day and obviously saw some results and came down to a size 12/14 but i was never happy with how my body looked.

I finally took the plunge (put my big girl pants on) and joined a gym. i was always a little terrified and intimidated by the idea of going to a gym, i was worried that people who were fitter than me would stare at me and laugh or i would use a machine incorrectly and end up on Youtube. Needless to say none of this ever happened. i was surprised to see normal everyday people of all shapes and sizes at the gym, hardly anyone looked at me because they were busy doing their own thing.

I hired a personal trainer at the gym and slowly moved away from the basic cardio machines and onto the “big boys” floor aka the weight room and i haven’t looked back.

I was surprised to find that i was getting better results just doing weights and a small amount of cardio as i was when i was training for hours and hours a day at home.

I became a little addicted and obsessed with the gym more so when i met Ben as he really enjoys the gym, he was able to help me try different exercises and encourage me in the gym. I was so proud that i got down to a size 12 and i felt awesome!

Sadly about in early 2016 i hurt my back at the gym trying to deadlift a weight i probably wasn’t ready for, i was trying to compete with ben and his brother and i was eager to get up to the weights they were lifting, in hindsight that was pretty silly as they are much larger than me and can lift more than i can.

I have seen 2 different physiotherapist, had an X-ray and an MRI on my back and no one can tell me exactly what’s wrong with it. My lovely Physic does the best he can in treating my back with very little success. Thought this time i have spent countless nights in tears due to the frustration in not being able to train because i’ve put some of the weight i lost back on. Eating healthily can only do so much and being a young couple we enjoy going out with friends or having weekend get togethers which obviously hamper my weight loss efforts.

I have recently gotten back to the gym, taking it slow and remembering why i loved it so much. I am still a little frustrated that i have to go back to the beginning and start over and there are some exercises i simply can’t do because of my back but i’m hoping that with time and strengthen my core and my body in general, i’ll be able to get back to what i was 7 months ago.

I hoping this website can help others feel empowered to exercise and eat health not just to be skinny (because thats no all the important) but to feel better about themselves and what they are capable of.

Ben has been an incredible pillow of support and has a wealth of knowledge, i learn from him everyday.

About Us


We are not claiming to be professionals in this, nor are we nutritionists and qualified personal trainers (however both of us have completed Personal Trainer courses and were at 1 time qualified but due to not renewing our min requirements we are no longer qualified). Everything we share is based off our own study, knowledge and trial error on our own bodies. You should always consult your doctor before starting a new fitness regime.

We want to be able to motivate other people and provide different workouts and general advice about health and fitness (and our journey). The best way in this day and age is through social media and the internet.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. Hopefully we have been able to help you to come one step closer to your goals.

Ben & Sam XOXO